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Our craft

Finland is known for its cleanest artesian and groundwater sources in the world, many of which originate all the way back from the Ice Age. These water sources go through the best possible natural purification processes, by filtrating into an esker and getting purified through thick sand layers that are thousands of years old. The sand works as an excellent natural water cleaner because it was once washed by ice-cold glacial melt water. These purification processes are so effective and unique that they can’t be synthetically reproduced, and there is no need for the water to go through any post-processing or treatments before distribution. As a result, Finnish artesian waters have some of the lowest contents of metals ever recorded in water that hasn’t gone through any treatments. While these trace elements are essentially harmless in low dosages, they can cause water to smell and taste slightly bitter, pungent, fusty, or prickly. Our water is free from all these smells and tastes.

Why it tastes better

Most importantly, Finnish water sources are exceptionally low in mineral content, which is generally known to be the measure of water hardness. Naturally soft water sources are rare, and usually soft water is only a result of distillation, which on the other hand destroys all the good trace elements of the water as well. Our artesian water contains between 10— 20 mg/L of these minerals and is therefore probably the softest artesian water in the world, hence resulting in inconceivably smooth and soft vodka The base for all our vodkas is a 96,3% neutral ethyl alcohol distilled from the highest-grade non-GMO wheat grown only by family-owned farms. The wheat grains are distilled 7 times in a continuous process covering the distillation, hydro selection, concentration and demethanolization columns. The concentration column also filters out the wheat’s gluten, allowing our vodkas to be certified gluten-free.

"We are delighted and proud to be honoured with numerous awards"

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