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The birth of the Laplandia brand can be described as a chain of events that resulted from shared love and respect for the northern nature.


Laplandia was founded in 2009 by Global Drinks Finland Oy (GDF), followed by an enchanting visit to Lapland by its owners. GDF, owned by a family of entrepreneurs, was a young player in the beverage industry at the time, having been previously involved with merely a few other spirits brands. The visit to the last great wilderness of Europe and witnessing its pure nature gave rise to concerns of sustainability and environmental issues - ones that are very current and trendy in today’s world - already back then. This eventually led to the idea of a spirits brand that would represent the values and attributes of the North and fueled the birth of the brand slogan ''Land Of Purity''.

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The thing that many people often don't realise is that the main ingredient in vodka is water (60%). Even the name ‘vodka’ is derived from the Russian word ‘voda’, which means water. In other words, the most significant factor in the quality of vodka is the water.

Finland is known for its cleanest artesian and groundwater sources in the world, many of which originate all the way back from the Ice Age. These water sources go through the best possible natural purification processes, by filtrating into an esker and getting purified through thick sand layers that are thousands of years old. The sand works as an excellent natural water cleaner, because it was once washed by ice-cold glacial melt water.


Most our products are inspired by the clean nature of the North and contain its delicious supply. Meet our comprehensive range of flavoured vodkas, as well as our pure flagship products. 

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In addition to exceptional taste, our cocktails focus mainly on speed and convenience, because we want our recipes to be approachable not only to professionals, but also to customers with less or no experience in the field. 


Need help with finding a retailer or a distributor? Have an idea for a cocktail? Or maybe just want to chat? We are here for you!

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