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The Artesian Water Vodka

This product is the Flagship of the Laplandia brand and the original creation. Its undisputed smoothness and purity has been proven through multiple international tasting awards.

The exceptionally soft artesian water together with the high grade wheat spirit alone are enough to create an extraordinary finish, but adding a tiny drop of natural honey produces a result as smooth as velvet sheets.



In this range we are introducing an innovation which has never been done before in the vodka segment. All products in this range are produced using 100% natural Finnish wild berries and/or forest ingredients. After blending the groundwater and the spirit, we add to the mixture natural concentrated berries that have no added sugar and no additives whatsoever. To ensure the most balanced result possible, we let them mix in the tanks for at least 2—3 weeks before bottling.

The results are astonishingly smooth and refreshing with the berries’ authentic characters stealing the attention. Their smell reminds one of freshly bought punnet from the market, and the taste feels like the berry juice was freshly squeezed into the bottle.


Cloudberry, having its growth habitat limited to the northern hemisphere, is considered the king of wildberries amongst the northern people and is thus often referred to as ‘’Lapland’s Gold’’.

This is the only vodka in the world made using all-natural cloudberry juice and the world-famous artesian waters of Finland.

Cloudberry is related to raspberries and blackberries, but has an initial bitter taste and is therefore usually consumed with a little touch of sugar.


This product is best enjoyed chilled or as part of our easy DIY cocktails.



Bilberry is Blueberry’s more aromatic wild cousin, which is found exclusively in the northern forests. It has a very mildly tart taste which is essentially overpowered by its sweetness.

This is the only vodka in the world made using all-natural bilberry juice and the world-famous artesian waters of Finland. It is best enjoyed chilled, on the rocks or as part of our easy DIY cocktails.



Lingonberry is one the essential Nordic berries and has a slightly sweet initial taste, followed by a mild bitter kick, resembling its cousin, the cranberry.

This is the only vodka in the world that is made using all-natural lingonberry juice and the world famous artesian waters of Finland.


Enjoy chilled or explore the fascinating world of our DIY cocktails



This selection is mostly composed of flavours generally familiar to the average consumer. Unlike most flavoured vodkas, however, we have made it our mission for the flavours to be the dominant note in the taste, instead of the alcohol. That is why most people when trying our flavoured vodkas for the first time, find it hard to believe they are as strong as 37,5%—40% alc by vol.

In order to achieve this, our products undergo months of development within our R&D departmenrt, before coming to production. We use exclusively natural flavours in different forms such as essential oils, extracts and distillates. The entire process is environmentally friendly.
All the flavours are suitable to be consumed straight, but also provide an easy platform for easy DIY cocktails.

The vodka itself already includes the authentic taste of the fruit, the colour and the alcohol, so it replaces the need for many extra ingredients thus simplifying and expediting the work of bartenders. This also allows regular consumers to create easy cocktails at home like they never have before.



Finland is the world’s highest coffee consumer per capita, thus setting the bar high when it comes to taste of coffee. Using only natural flavors, the exceptional Finnish artesian water and this kind of passion for coffee was destined to result in something revolutionary. And it did.

Best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks and provides a base for an endless world of delicious cocktails



Who doesn’t like lemon? A sweet and sour universal favorite with authentic taste of citrus. Only natural flavors and the unique artesian waters from Finland equal a smooth criminal.


Best enjoyed ice cold and don’t forget to check our DIY cocktails.



Peppermint combined with booze is an old tradition in the Finnish drinking culture. This vodka will leave you with a sweet and cooling aftertaste like that of a breath mint.

Traditionally it is drunk as a schnapps at the end of dinner parties for example, but one of the must-try classics from the Finnish after-ski culture is Hot MintChocolate!



When Finland meets a tropical island. An authentic taste and smell of coconut with a hint of pineapple immediately takes you on a trip to paradise. World’s softest artesian waters and the world’s most classic tropical fruit sums it up.

Enjoy straight & chilled or try it as as base for any tropical cocktail!

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